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Jan. 21
A Message from
Founder Dan Grech
"Let's face it. Advertising online is hard! I've felt the pain of trying to learn digital marketing on my own. It was confusing and time-consuming. I needed an accelerated in-person course with 1:1 coaching. But that course didn't exist in Miami... So I created it!"

"Give us just 3 months, and our certified instructors will teach you exactly what you need to know about digital marketing to grow your business, hire and manage your team, and accelerate your career. Save yourself the time and frustration. We'll show you how to advertise online."
12-Week Program
to Find Your Digital Marketing Edge
Starts January 21
held Mondays 6:30-9 p.m.
in Wynwood
Seating limited to 30 participants

  • Attract new customers by advertising on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Turn leads into sales with automated Email Nurture Campaigns
  • Define your target audience and promotion strategy in 12 hands-on sessions
  • Dig deeper in 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with Miami's top digital marketers
  • Solve technical hurdles during weekly office hours
  • Access our private networking group and e-learning platform
  • Get discounts on software, events and conferences
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Frequently Asked Questions
What does this course cover?
BizHack's 12-Week Course "The Digital Marketer's Edge" covers the most important technical skills you'll need to get started in digital advertising. We cover Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Landing Page creation and optimization, Google Analytics and marketing strategy. Our approach features practical lessons, frequent guests, hands-on exercises, group activities, peer learning, networking opportunities, project-based learning and more. Our results-oriented experiential learning approach provides a deep dive into contemporary digital marketing best practices.
What happens if I miss a class?
Busy professionals have work, travel or personal commitment that inevitably cause them to miss a class or two. All materials presented in the class will be shared after class, and complemented by extensive video tutorials, one-on-one coaching, and weekly office hours with instructors. It's expected that participants will have to miss one or two sessions per 12-week session, and the course is designed to allow them to quickly catch up. If you know up front you will need to miss three or more class sessions, you might consider waiting until the next time the class is offered.
Will I learn web development in this class?
No. Participants will learn how to make their website relevant to their target audience, drive traffic to the site through various channels, and optimize conversions on the site. But they will not learn how to build websites. That's a different class.
Who are the instructors, business coaches and guest speakers?
The lead instructor is Dan Grech, who has headed marketing efforts at startups and billion-dollar companies and had a 15-year career as a business journalist at NPR's Marketplace and PBS's Nightly Business Report. He is joined by other faculty, business coaches and guest speakers who are top industry pros with decades of experience in the digital marketing field.
Is this course a fit for me?
The types of participants who will most benefit from this program are:

  • Entrepreneurs looking to increase the number of profitable digital leads to grow their own company
  • Company founders entering the growth stage of their startup
  • Career changers looking to turbocharge the start of their career in digital marketing
  • Traditional marketers who feel they're falling behind and need to build out their digital skillset

Contact us at to find out if the course is a fit for you.
What is the course structure?
The course lasts 12 weeks, meeting on Monday evenings in downtown Miami at a convenient time for busy professionals (class starts at 6:30 p.m. and run until 9 p.m.). There will be a total of 30 in-person instructional hours, plus one-on-one coaching and office hours with the instructors and business coaches. Each participant will be required to complete a Real-Life Campaign that they will work on throughout the semester.
What's this about a Real-Life Campaign?
The Real-Life Campaign is the core of the BizHack experiential learning experience. We spend the first few weeks of class defining the participants' challenge as it related to their Real-Life Campaign. The campaign forms the foundation for the work the participant does the rest of this semester. And participants who don't have their own campaign are given an option to work on the digital marketing campaign of a classmate who volunteers to take on a partner.
How long will the coursework take me each week?
Besides attending the weekly 2.5-hour class, participants are expected to commit an average of 2-4 additional hours per week for homework.
What will I be able to do upon completion of the course?
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Create, target, launch, track and optimize paid social media advertising campaigns;
  • Establish and monitor Key Performance Indicators using Google Analytics to track and optimize their advertising campaigns;
  • Divide their target audience into segments and personas;
  • Establish a multi-channel marketing and communication strategy;
  • Use A/B tests and other experimentation technique to optimize the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts.
What else does this course offer?
In addition to cutting-edge course content, the BizHack experience also features top professionals as guest mentors and advisors; unrivaled local networking opportunities with instructors, guests, and other participants; and VIP access to special events and speakers as part of the BizHack Presents speaker series.
Are there any prerequisites to take the course?
This program is open to participants and professionals from any field and level of experience and are relatively new to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of digital marketing. The more varied the background and experiences of the participants, the livelier and more interesting the class will be.
What credential do I get at the end of the class?
Participants who successfully complete all assignments and the Real-Life Campaign will receive a Certificate of Completion. You will also be given a badge that can be included on your resume and LinkedIn profile. It's a credential that is recognized by employers across South Florida.
How much does the BizHack Digital Marketing Fundamentals course cost?
The program costs $2,200.
Are scholarships and financing available?
Scholarships and financing are available for qualified candidates. Please email to learn more about what programs are available.
How do I enroll?
Simply click on the Enroll button for the course you've selected and enter your payment information. You can pay via Credit Card or a transfer from your bank account.
I have some more questions. Who do I contact?
For questions about how to register or the course itself, call BizHack Co at (786) 664-7324 or write