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BizHack Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Starts March 5, 2018
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12-week course on lead generation for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Classes held on Monday evenings from 6:30 pm to 9 pm at CIC Miami.


What is BizHack?

BizHack is an accelerated learning program that offers programs in-person and online to train small business owners and entrepreneurs in the technology tools for marketing and sales that will allow them to grow their business and accelerate their career.

BizHack offers more than skill-building courses: It's an experience. You'll meet an incredible group of like-minded lifelong learners for powerful networking and business development opportunities.

By working with BizHack, you will join a community of more than 200 entrepreneurs and given access to a closed Facebook group and monthly member-only events.
What else does the BizHack experience offer?
In addition to cutting-edge course content, the BizHack experience also features top professionals as guest mentors and advisors; unrivaled local networking opportunities with instructors, guests, and other participants; and VIP access to special events and speakers as part of the BizHack Presents speaker series.
What technical skills will I learn from BizHack?
Our Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course dives into the most important platforms for digital marketing today such as Facebook Advertising, landing page optimization and Google Analytics. We also offer one-day boot camps which dive deeper into specific aspects of digital marketing.
Do I learn marketing strategy, too?
We teach the timeless principles of marketing strategy that survive despite a shifting technological landscape, skills like data-driven decision making, identifying business goals and marketing objectives, establishing brand voice, crafting a multi-platform communications strategy, determining your Key Performance Indicators, defining your value proposition, and segmenting your customers. Participants will learn the top tactics, both organic and paid, to attract eyeballs to your effort.
Who are BizHack courses designed for?
BizHack is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners, people who have their own business that they are trying to grow. Others who can benefit from the course growth stage startups, marketers at corporate giants, and workers at a marketing agency. People who work in unrelated fields but want to learn digital marketing to expand their horizons and accelerate their career can also benefit from the courses, workshops and boot camps. No matter your background or experience, there is a BizHack course or workshop that fits your needs and will teach you how to launch and optimize digital campaigns.
Which course or workshop is the best fit for me?
BizHack offers a wide variety of courses and workshops for professionals at different stages of the entrepreneurial journey. The types of participants who will most benefit from its program are:

  • Business owners and marketing professionals that see lead generation and digital marketing as an area of growth and opportunity for their company
  • Marketing professionals who are worried about falling behind and want to develop their digital skillset
  • Individuals with a strong intellectual curiosity who find the digital marketing field interesting
  • Business owners or people managers who want to understand digital marketing so that they can better manage their marketing agency or marketing division
  • Career changers looking to turbocharge the start of their career in digital marketing
  • Individuals with technical training in front-end development, web design or user experience design looking to complement their skills with technical marketing knowledge
  • Anyone with something to say or something to sell that wants to reach a digital audience

Contact us at info@bizhack.coto schedule a personalized consultation on what offerings would be a best fit for your needs.
Will I be able to get a job or promotion after I finish a BizHack course?
The skills you learn in BizHack are in high demand across South Florida and the nation. LinkedIn has ranked Digital Marketing as among the top 5 most sought after job skills several years running. BizHack has strong relationships with most of the major digital marketing agencies in town, and can facilitate introductions.
Who are the instructors at BizHack?
The lead instructor of BizHack Academy is Dan Grech, who has a who has headed marketing efforts at startups and billion-dollar companies and had a 15-year career as a business journalist at NPR's Marketplace and PBS's Nightly Business Report. He is joined by other faculty, business coaches and guest speakers who are top industry pros with decades of experience in the digital marketing field.
Does BizHack offer corporate or customized training?
Yes, BizHack offers custom training experiences to corporations, nonprofits, business accelerators, chambers of commerce and other groups. For more information on BizHack's corporate offerings, call (786) 664-7324 or email
I have some more questions. Who do I contact?
Phone: (786) 664-7324